330 Series Propeller

330-2B Series 72H Propellers

Maximum Performance • Best Quality
Quiet and Smooth Operation • Complete Propeller & Spinner Package • Competitive Price

This 72" diameter, 2-bladed propeller weighs 40 lb standard (including spinner and hardware) or 44 lb counterweighted and is suited for (I)O-360 to (I)O-390 engines. This propeller features a "scimitar" style swept tip on Carbon Fiber composite blades. Each propeller comes with a composite spinner that is ready to fly, easy to install, and finished with a white primer ready for paint.

The 330 Series is available in a standard or counterweighted configurations.

This propeller uses engine oil and a governor to hydraulically control pitch. Standard configurations are compatible with a standard "pressure to increase pitch" governor with a max relief pressure of 330 psi (we sell the Jihostroj P-920-028/A) while counter-weighted configurations are compatible with "pressure to decrease pitch" governor with a max relief pressure of 330 psi (we sell the Jihostroj P-940-010/AL).

The blade structure is manufactured from theromoset epoxy/graphite composite matrix. This advanced composite structure ensures high strength and blade accuracy in all flight environments. Whirl Wind propellers come standard with electroformed Nickel leading edge for superior fit and abrasion protection. The hub is CNC machined from aerospace aluminum, dimensionally certified and anodized. Standard blade finish is Carbon with white tip stripes.

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